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Introducing the latest treasure from King Marbles: captivating collection of short stories that delve into the enchanting world of marbles! Within the pages, readers will embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of marble folklore, history, and fantasy, crafted with the hallmark charm and creativity that defines the kingdom of King Marbles and The family of Kwaggles.

Each story within this delightful compilation offers a glimpse into the diverse and magical universe of marbles, weaving together tales of adventure, friendship, and wonder that will captivate readers of all ages. From ancient legends that recount the origins of marbles to whimsical fables that explore the trials and triumphs of marble champions, these stories are sure to enchant and delight with every turn of the page.

Among the stories waiting to be discovered within the pages of King Marbles’ are tales of daring marble expeditions to far-flung lands, where brave explorers journey in search of rare and mystical marbles hidden amidst ancient ruins and forgotten lands. Readers will follow the adventures of intrepid marble hunters as they navigate treacherous jungles, traverse icy tundras, and brave the depths of dark caverns in pursuit of the legendary treasures that lie within. But the stories are not limited to tales of adventure alone.

Readers will also encounter heart warming stories of friendship and camaraderie, where marbles serve as symbols of connection and unity among diverse characters from all walks of life. From unlikely alliances forged on the playground to enduring bonds formed in the heat of marble competitions, these stories celebrate the power of marbles to bring people together and inspire acts of courage and kindness.

As readers immerse themselves in the enchanting world of King Marbles’, they will be swept away by the magic and wonder that permeate every page. With its captivating storytelling, vibrant characters, and timeless themes, these stories are sure to become a cherished favourite among marble enthusiasts and fantasy lovers alike, inviting readers to experience the joy and excitement of marbles in a whole new way.

So gather round, dear readers, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into the enchanting world of King Marbles!

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All our downloads include: A word document, an ODT document, a PDF file of the story and recorded Audio file in both MP3 and MP4 format, a header card and Hi Res images.

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